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Launch your online community to create an impact and accelerate revenue.

Launch a profitable community, skip the learning curve.

A collage of all of the brands that have built successful communities with Ember Consulting founded by Bri Leever.

We partner with growth-oriented companies and creators who want to put community at the heart of their business ecosystem. Our best clients:

  • Foster a strong connection with their customer or audience

  • Are ready for a centralized hub for their community activity

  • Have a community manager or a plan to hire one

Who we work with

What Our Clients Say

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“Bri is one of the most thoughtful and intentional community builders I've ever worked with. She helped us architect, build, and scale up our customer community from 20 members to over 900 in 6 months.”

Murtaza Bambot, Heartbeat Founder >> Watch Full Testimonial

How it Works

How We Work with Clients

Depending on your organization, we can build a community in 4-6 weeks or a four month project.

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Are you ready to become community-led? We get to know you, your vision, goals, and readiness to see if we are good fit.


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Our projects are guided by a set list of deliverables that take your community from an ambiguous pipe-dream to a thoughtfully designed gathering place.


We take on the heavy lifting of setting up your community and teach you frameworks to set you up to lead a thriving community long-term.


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Launch and Test

With us, you start testing right out of the gate. We take a highly iterative approach because the best community design unfolds from within. We set you up with a launch plan, checklist, and communication copy so you can get started quickly and experiment at each stage.

Great Community Design,
Launched and Scaled 

See Communities We Built ⬇️

Community Tours

Community Tours


Hi there, I'm Bri Leever 👋🏼 and I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by the many different pathways to building community. The first community I built went from zero to seven figures and now I've worked with dozens of teams to help them build, launch, and scale their community.

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