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Join Ember

The place for go-getter community entrepreneurs building community-powered businesses.

Doors are open to join and our next cohort kicks off end of August with bonus content waiting when you join early.

Build the foundation for a purposeful and profitable community.

Replace confusion with clarity on where to start, what to do and how to go about doing it.

How it works




A 7-week digital experience where we journey through the foundations of building a strong community. If building community is like building a fire, this is where we create the Embers.

one-time fee


Ongoing Membership

After completing the foundations in Kindling, you'll have the option to continue an ongoing membership in the Ember community paid quarterly or annually.



Brought to you by Bri Leever, Community Strategist and Founder of Ember

After launching and building a multi-million dollar ambassador community, Bri started Ember to work 1:1 with clients to help them build and launch thriving communities. She has built 26 communities on Heartbeat and Circle and for the first time ever she's bringing her community strategy and business methodology together into one offering.


Each week we will explore a new foundation of community building in a live group session held usually on Wednesdays at noon PT.  Members will have the week after to apply the work and receive feedback and additional resources in our shared online community hub.  

7 Foundations

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