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A World-class Example of a Cohort-based Community of Practice: The Community Community hosted on Slack

Join me as I interview Nikki and Jocelyn to dissect the evolution of their community of practice for Senior Community Professionals: The Community Community. You’ll hear the intention behind the design and how the design has evolved over time based on member feedback.

We talked a lot about creating safety in your community and Jocelyn and Nikki shared some really thoughtful design choices that help create a safe community where people can be vulnerable.

This episode is perfect for someone who has an idea for a community of practice they’ve been noodling on, but not sure how to structure or launch. Look no further for a world-class community of practice and an in-depth look at it’s launch and evolution.


I'm Bri Leever 👋🏼 I’m a Community Strategist who help brands and creators build and launch thriving online communities.

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Nikki Thibodeau // Senior Manager of Community and Customer Advocacy at Calix and Co-lead at The Community Community


Jocelyn Hsu // Head of Community at Supernova and Co-lead at The Community Community

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