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Episode 2 | Tea: Our Work in the Community World

Episodes Release Date: February 3rd, 2023

In this episode:

Bri & Viki discuss the ways they became great friends with their best ones, how they got into community management work [Peace Corps woes + family farm upbringings], and the thread or patterns through which they realized community was the commonality. They review the superpower of being a generalist by looking through the lens of the Six Skillsets. They discuss their failures, or as Viki likes to reframe, areas where they won or learned. They wrap up by discussing the vitality of doing the inner work as a community manager, in order to work better with their communities.

  • Please forgive Viki’s audio! It improves with each episode LOL

Show Notes:

Viki’s life statement: As a strong, compassionate, exuberant leader, I’m here to curate fulfilling experiences as well as share my learnings & time through mentorship, public speaking, & collaboration.

  • Leadership styles


  • Brené Brown

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