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How Trust Builds Strong Brand Communities

TRUST. The lynchpin five-letter word you don’t notice is missing until it’s too late.

Building trust is like building a fire. It takes time and there’s no shortcut. But a strong foundation of trust can spread your brand message like wildfire. Do it right and you can ignite an unstoppable passion for your product or service.

Trust is the foundation of what we, and the brands we work with, do. We’ve found that once you have embers in place, it’s very hard to stop that fire from spreading. Two things make that happen: building trust and scaling trust.

Step #1: Build Trust

Trust is the belief in your brand as true and trustworthy. There are lots of ways to build trust with your community and customers, including meaning what you say and saying what you mean, building positive experiences over time (the marble jar), communicating transparently and effectively, and exhibiting empathy.

Step #2: Scale Trust

This is where we come in.

Your organization will scale trust when your team is committed to converting trust from a noun, to a verb.

Trust: (n) “belief in something as true and trustworthy”

Trust: (v) “to place confidence in someone or something (count on, depend on, bet on, build on)”

When Trust (n) becomes Trust (v), you invite your community and customers not just to believe you, but to engage and to act with you.

How we scale trust is by inviting customers into an identity with your organization and by creating clear and simple pathways for them to activate within the existing trust.

You create the spark of trust and we’ll fan it into a flame.

Picture Credit: Toa Heftiba


About the Author

Bri Leever is an architect of community, splasher of water, and lover of books doing life in an ever-changing migration pattern ✈️


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