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How Be the Bridge Uses a FB Group to Foster Communal DEIB Learning

I first joined this community back in 2019 when I was seeking tools to grow in our collective DEIB journey as a community. I was recommended to Latasha Morrison’s work at Be the Bridge and I joined the FB Group. Years later, I’m circling back to dissect HOW exactly this community thrives (and in a FB Group of all places!).

Join Margaux and I as we get a snapshot of the boundaries and structures in place in this community that facilitate a learning journey for those ready to learn more about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in this best-in-class community!


I'm Bri Leever 👋🏼 I’m a Community Strategist who help brands and creators build and launch thriving online communities.

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Margaux Miller // Director of Community, Global at Toptal

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