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Community Dissection Season 2 Kickoff: Ness Lab's SUPER Engaging Community

Welcome to our first episode of season 2 of Community Dissection! While the first season focused on brand and customer communities, this season we’re exploring and dissecting some of our favorite membership communities.

On this episode, Terri and I take a look at one of the first successful membership communities on Circle - Ness Labs. While I’ve been a part of this community for years, I was so impressed to see such a large community with such a simple design be PACKED with activity! And not just activity from Ness Labs, but real member-driven community activity. Look no further for a fabulous example of community design and how to make the transition from feeding an audience to fostering a prospering community.

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Find more information about Ness Labs and join the community here.


Bri Leever // Brand Community Strategist at Ember


Teresa Peluso // Head of Community at Yellowbrick Data


Want to see a community member experience dissected or the founder interviewed on a future episode? Nominate them here.

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