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Episode 3 | Tea: Community VS Social Media Management

Episodes Release Date: February 10th, 2023

In this episode:

Bri & V get into the discourse around community v social media management by first reviewing their initial forays into early social media, their profile names, and the origination of their nicknames. We delve into what constitutes a community role versus a social media marketing role as well as the language and jargon that encapsulate both arenas. We review the definitions of each, what those really mean, and how they can align with each other as opposed to being seen as synonymous with each other. We touched on which departments the community could live within, expounding on the idea of what community-led means, and sharing examples of responsibilities listed in newer community management roles that are hard to discern through a community lens. We finish up with 3 questions one can ask in an interview to glean a better picture of how much of the purported role is actually social media management based. Get into it with us!

Show Notes:

  • Khoros

  • CM Definition

  • David Spinks’ Job Collective

  • How important is a name

  • The community hiring process is broken

  • Good girl programming

  • Bri’s hot tweet

  • What’s NOT community mgmt.


  • How to Win Friends & Influence People

  • How to Ace your Community Interview

  • Share your thoughts, opinions, stories, etc with us!

For More:

Find Bri at:

  • Vik is still figuring out how far away to sit from her mic, so many apologies for how LOUD she is.

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