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Episode 6 | KD: Personal Development as a Community Builder

Episodes Release Date: March 3rd, 2023

In this episode:

Bri and V have been discussing the ways in which they’ve personally sought out educating themselves for the purposes of improving their community-building lenses. As it happens, those conversations branched out toward professional acumen through the development of personal awareness. We discussed our strategies for learning, the ways we can be active lifelong learners without having to necessarily follow along the traditional academic route, as well as being the model of what you want to see.

We want to know what school of life skillsets you’ve found to be beneficial in your professional life [ie. transferable life skills], people/podcasts/books you found to be helpful in your personal development journeys and how they transferred to your professional acumen → share with the link above, please!

*Acknowledging the oddly annoying mouse tracking sound; we will record better audio on a regular basis!

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Show Notes:

  • Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

  • School of life skillsets: conflict resolution, engage in a personal community, lean into discomfort [ie. public speaking], empathy, EI, authenticity, how to engage in hard conversation,

  • Materials we recommend: life coach, Seth Godin’s altMBA + akimbo, Third Nature, Coa Emotional Fitness, Transformational Coaching programs [IE. Atlas Project, MITT, Landmark], School of Greatness podcast, Brene Brown, How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dr. Nicole LaPera

  • Within community, consider learning more about social psychology, group psychology, conflict resolution, facilitation, user experience and research, design, marketing 101, program management, project management, understanding metrics, strategic thinking,

  • Share your thoughts, opinions, stories, etc with us!

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