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Free Resource: Community Dissection Self-Audit Checklist

You're likely here because you checked out Community Dissection - my Youtube series where I dissect online communities to discover the common threads that make online communities awesome. This series gives us a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes and build on what’s working in the community world.

After dissecting over 30 online communities (reflections on season 1 are here), I can confidently tell you this: your community is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting today.

That means, if your community isn't getting the results you want, it's not because you’re unlucky. It’s because your design needs to be adjusted.

From my experience building, leading, and dissecting communities, I created this free checklist for you to get greater clarity on what areas of your community strategy need to be addressed to get better results.

Download this free resource when you sign up with your email below.

If you haven’t subscribed to Ember’s Youtube Channel yet, I highly recommend following along here. There’s something to learn from and steal from (kindly, and like an artist) in every community and the Community Dissection series makes it easy to do so!

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