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PORCH: A Behind-the-Scenes look at this Best-in-Class Community Hosted on Slack

I had the privilege to share some time with Neil Weitzman who co-founded a new and already highly engaged and active community online. PORCH is a community for immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada and in this video we cover the evolution of this community over the last six months (since they launched) their design in Slack, as well as the metrics they track using Common Room.

If you’re getting ready to launch a new membership community, this episode is for you! Learn from this fabulous example of what it looks like to launch, test, and grow a new community right away.


I'm Bri Leever 👋🏼 I’m a Community Strategist who helps brands and creators build and launch thriving online communities.

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Neil Weitzman // Co-Founder of PORCH

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