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A Tour of Ministry of Testing’s Awesome Community of Practice

A Tour of Ministry of Testing’s Awesome Community of Practice

In this episode, I’m joined by Noele Flowers as we dissect the new member experience in the Ministry of Testing. To just come out and say it - this community is AWESOME. If you have a community of practice, you can’t miss this episode to see all they are doing right.

Noele and I share our unsolicited advice around our thoughts on the freemium model of membership for community (part of your community being free and part being paid). If you’re getting ready to launch a freemium experience, we’ll walk through some of the things to be aware of going into it and some other options available to you.

By and large we were so impressed by the Ministry of Testing team and what they have fostered in this online space. A fabulous example to look at for good community design!

Get the Community Dissection Audit Checklist to audit your own community.


Bri Leever // Brand Community Strategist at Ember


Noele Flowers // Community Builder


Want to see a community member experience dissected or the founder interviewed on a future episode? Nominate them here.

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