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Episode 8 | Knowledge Drop: Symbolic Incentives in Community

Episodes Release Date: March 17th, 2023

In this episode:

Bri & Vik discuss the ways they’ve come across unmonetized incentives, the ways they work or don’t, and how others can replicate them. Bri sets off with the 3 ingredient recipe for the philosophy she adheres to around how to maximize your desired incentive:

  • What’s the prompt?

  • What’s the action to be taken?

  • What’s the appropriate reward?

Bri suggests the capacity for higher accessibility for community members through micro-actions + commitments. Incentives get to add fun and powerful layers to your community design and health! She goes on to delineate her favorite unmonetized incentive of recognition, by determining them as either internal or external and the ways to use them best inclusively. They continue on with lived and curated examples that exemplify why symbolic incentives can speak volumes to your membership. The devil is in the details!

*Apologies for the background sound of plastic bags toward the end. Viki’s boyfriend seems to be exceedingly cavalier when she’s recording and he’s in the same room :) #intentionalShade

Show Notes:

  • Great list of incentives for a community advocacy program by Jenny.Community

  • Tiny Habits | Book

  • Atomic Habits | Book

  • Heartbeat Community Platform

  • Reward Structure | Blog

  • Rituals | Template

  • Recognition incentives as one of the highest needs of people

  • Clarify all the ways why and how community members achieve the incentive [to lessen negative exclusivity]

  • Groove | Accountability Community & App

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