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Episode 9 | Tea: Building Trust in the Workplace

Episodes Release Date: March 24th, 2023

In this episode:

Per Webster: trust (verb): to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of || trust (noun): a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

Join Bri & V on a winding journey around what trust really is, how they’ve built it personally & professionally and how they’ve dealt with broken trust. As usual, it touches on the actionable as well as the philosophical; so buckle up for a ride! The ladies get personal with their stories and how they’ve woven their presonal upbringings + learnings have become infused with their professional personas.

The meat & potatoes of this episode is 42 minutes and after the outro, feel free to listen longer for actionable steps to build trust in the workplace [semi blooper situation].

Viki’s signposts for when she’s doing the work of trust:

  • Feeling of safety when requesting support at work [instead of burdening self with doing it all!]

  • Actively seeking out more opportunities → which means she’s not burnt out & boundaries are in place + working

  • Curiosity is being encouraged

  • Viewing mistakes as learnings, as opposed to failures

Actionable steps to building trust in the workplace:

  • 2 ears, 1 mouth → [listen to hear] then, ask questions

  • Be real about giving / receiving feedback

  • Acknowledgement

  • Empowerment fueled by trust

  • Encouragement of professional development

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • BE TRUST FIRST and model it. Then it will be mirrored back

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